Freeman's Bridge ​Sports

Start off the New Year right!

Then & Now

34 Years of Cycling fun for the Capital District

In the fall of 1982 Erwin & Joan Grant along with Richard and Debra Himmelwright refinished the old United Welding building and started Freeman's Bridge Sports.

Richard worked in many area shops, while Mr. Grant ran a speed shop and maintained ownership of several properties. The combination of Mr. Grant's business savvy, and Richard's deep passion for the bicycle business provided the making of a great team.

Our passion for cycling is second to none, our dedication to customer service is top notch, so come down and let us show you some FUN!​

Rich Himmelwright
Founder Freeman's Bridge Sports
I am a Roadie by heart, but I love every style of cycling. After 34 years in the business and a total of 48 years riding bikes, I am still deeply passionate about this business.  I get to be involved with the sport I love, make people happy, and sell fun! 
I have been a Roadie as long as I can remember, a few years back I wanted to make a "rain bike" and I found that I love taking bikes apart and building them back together better than before.

In my freetime you will find me climbing the hills, who doesn't like a little suffering?
I have been cycling since I was 4 years old. I like anything that has pedals, mountain, road, fatbike, unicycle. If I had to pick one as a favorite it would be the mountain bike, because it gets me out in the woods and on a bike, best of both worlds.

I have been at Freeman's Bridge Sports for nearly 20 years, I have worked on nearly every kind of bike there is, and becuase I love riding its important that our cusotmers have just as much enjoyment as I do!

In my freetime you will catch me using one leg to pass other roadies on the hill. 
Having been in the cycling business for over 10 years, I have accumulated a ton of experience in bicycle maintaince and repair, including formal training in servicing the latest Road and Mountian bikes.

I enjoy working in an industry that serves to grow the sport I have grown up loving, it promotes a healthy life style, and its a great way to see the world.

You will catch me out on the open road on my free days or grinding on some gravel!
I love how cycling allows me to release my competitive nature. Whether I am ripping a climb or railing a descent biking allows me to expierence nature the way I was made to, on the trail.

As a member of the R-cubed racing team and the NICA league I had a great 2015 as I was able to secure the top spot in the sophomore catagory. 

In my freetime you will find me in practicing with the team, or finding a trail to ride.


I raced BMX competitively for 13 years. Although I still love to race I recently have started to branch off into mountain and road.

I love the freedom of expression that makes it different from other sports. There is always something different to try on a bike!