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Our Services
Our goal is to provide the best service you can get on a bicycle in the Capital District, we will provide top quality service with bicycling service/repair professionals in our shop.

We understand that your bike is important to you and it will be treated as if it were our own no matter the condition or age of the bike. We want you to ride! We know its important! 

There is no repair too small, there is no job too big! Bring your bike down to our shop!

Basic Tune Up

Our Basic Tune Up will keep your bike at its optimal performance from year to year. This should be done at least once every year and ideally before it is put away for winter storage to help prevent rusting.

- Adjust and lube all gears
- Adjust and lube braking systems
- Lubricate the drive train
- Safety check
- True both wheels and adjust cones
- Clean frame and wheels
- Lubricate cables and any pivot points
- Adjust headset and crank
- Tighten all nuts and bolts
- Test Ride

***A 24 hour service is available for an additional $45
***There is a $15 charge for very dirty or rusty bikes
***Extra parts needed to complete the tune up are not included in the tune up price, although there will be no labor charge to install the extra parts.

Premium Tune Up

Our premium tune up is for anyone who puts heavy miles on their bike or likes to ride their bike in all weather conditions.

After a long period of time, the drive train will begin to collect mud, dirt, oil, grease, and even pollen. When debris is built up, the gear changes aren’t as efficient and will cause excessive wear to the chain, gears, and derailleurs.

All Basic Tune Up services are included plus:

-A Thorough cleaning of the drive train
-Lubricate the drivetrain with condition specific lube
-Resurface the brake pads (and rotors)

***Extra parts needed to complete the tune up are not included in the tune up price, although there will be no labor charge to install the extra parts.

The Overhaul

We are bike nuts! We have pulled apart our bikes and put them back together, we ride hard and have alot of miles on our bikes.

The Overhaul is our most comprehensive service we offer and the service is recommended for bikes that have heavy miles, abuse, or if you want the bike looking like new. An Overhaul is recommended every 5,000 miles.

The Overhaul Includes:

All services in the Premium Tune Up.
All bearings in the headset, bottom bracket, and wheels are pulled for thorough cleaning.
Repack all bearings with grease
Polish all chrome pieces
All new cables, casing, and handlebar tape

For Suspension Bikes

- Stanchion clean and lubrication
- Sag adjustment
- Set fork and rear suspension pressure to rider weight.

*** Additonal parts and suspension rebuild prices are not included in pricing.
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